Reported Benefits

*Claims are based on personal testimonies from social media platforms, and forums

Known to ease depression, bi-polar and anxiety significantly

Helps new mums with producing more breast milk

Known to cure arthritis

Known to ease / cure aches and pains in general

Aids better sleep

Known to cure diabetes and maintain
healthy blood sugar levels

Provides increased energy

Enhances cognition (clearer thinking)

Produces virtually everything we need on a daily vitamin basis

Contains every amino acid we need

Many times more concentrated with Iron, vitamins and potassium than oranges,
bananas and spinach as just a few examples

Assists with erectile dysfunction and increases sex drive

Stops and prevents cramps

Increase calcium therefore help build bone strength

Known to cure asthma

Known to clear general bronchial complaints

Anti-aging benefits

Tightens the skin

Amazing hair health improvement

Lowers blood pressure

Nourishes the immune system (staves off colds and flu)

Help cuts and scars heal fasterOffers anti-inflammatory qualities

Aids digestion

Cures constipation

Aids with weight loss

Settles upset stomach

Maintains healthy circulation

Helps prevent anemia

Treats morning sickness

Helps with menstrual pain

Cures hangovers

Proven amazing benefits for professional athletes –
assists recovery much better than ‘normal’ sports drinks etc.

Known to treat and prevent cancer

Protects the liver and improves liver health.